Giant Parasols And Umbrellas

Posted on February 24, 2015 at 2:00 pm

A great way to keep the unwanted sunlight or rainy weather off of your sitting area. Large parasols and umbrellas are a functional and attractive way of adding a protective layer above an extended surface area.

Usually considered over the traditional static outdoor gazebo or hut style outdoor covers. They are increasingly used by businesses and for personal use. There are many modern designs that add style to an outdoor space, as well as being functional. With improved internal parts to enable ease of use and structural stability over traditional umbrella designs.

With added lighting or heating systems, designed for use underneath the umbrella, a truly unique and comfortable space can be created outdoors.

Many large parasols are also moveable and able to be erected in different locations. They can provide cover nearly anywhere. A great choice for a restaurant, pub, café or outdoor event.

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