Hot Tub Gazebos

Posted on April 28, 2014 at 9:26 am

Gazebos are a great piece of garden furniture, they can be used for a variety of different reasons, but one which is particularly interesting are hot-tub gazebos. These are really good for two reasons. Firstly, it allows you some protection from weather, helping to stop wind, water, and also helping to contain some of the heat generated by the hot-tub. Secondly, it helps to improve your hot-tub experience; it turns what would otherwise be a hot-tub in the open, into a hot-tub with its own space, making the whole experience feel more inclusive. This might not be for everyone, particularly those who enjoy their hot-tubs while being able to stare up at the sky.


While this is a great way to use a gazebo, there are other ways in which you can use them for your garden furniture. They are ideal way for you to create a semi-permanent area, perhaps with other garden furniture like a table and set of chairs, and enjoy yourself in your garden, without having to worry about rain, or too much sun.

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Window Awnings

Posted on April 25, 2014 at 8:26 am

Window awnings are another great addition for your home. Sometimes, having sunlight streaming directly into your home can be a problem. It could be hitting something, and causing its temperature to increase beyond what is ideal, or it could just be that you’re being blinded by sunlight; either way, a window awning could be the solution to your problem.


There are a number of different models, but what you want to ensure – before you buy one – is that the awning has a winding mechanism, ideally one with a warrantee as well. This is so that you can decide for yourself when you want the awning to be in use, instead of having a permanent fixture, where you have no control. Beyond this, the most important factor in your deciding upon your options is the material used. Some awnings are made so that they can’t let any light through, which may be a good choice for you, or maybe not. Others are more translucent, alowing some light through, but not enough to cause a problem.

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Sun Awnings for your Home

Posted on April 22, 2014 at 8:25 am

Most people are most familiar with awnings as something which overhangs a shop, probably used as advertisement for the shop, but there are numerous reasons why they are great for your home as well. Sun awnings are a great example of this, being both a practical solution to a problem, as well as something which creates additional space in your property. A sun Awning is one which basically only lets a certain amount of light through, meaning that you can sit outside even in the sunniest weather, and enjoy yourself without risking excessive sunlight. Most sun awnings are great for being installed over your patio, but they can go wherever you feel you would be most appropriate, so long as it has a solid support. Most sun awnings are available with a wind out function, i.e. you can retract it back when you are done with using it. This allows you to enjoy the natural light when you want to, and enjoy the shade when you don’t.


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Welcome to UK-Awnings

Posted on April 17, 2014 at 12:37 pm

Welcome to our new website, where we discuss different types of awnings, how they are used. and some great examples of awnings. Awnings are great products to install in your home, allowing you to enjoy your garden area without being exposed to excessive sun or rain. They are also very convenient, able to be installed in a number of different locations on your home, such as under eaves, above windows, or above your patio. Patio awnings are great for allowing you to enjoy your garden, providing shade and shelter, stopping both rain and sun from damaging your garden experience.

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