Stylish Awning Design Ideas

Posted on December 31, 2015 at 11:49 pm

Awnings are sometimes overlooked when it comes to design. While they may be overhead and as such, over our field of view. They do still draw attention, especially if they are fashionably stylish.

Complimentary Colour

Prime tones, red, blue and yellow. These are examples of strong colours that work well on their own, they also compliment many other subtler tones that you would find on features around the awning itself, such as the tone of the wall or decking.

Chic and Sophisticated

A big trend in home design and decoration, the shabby chic and sophisticated design style is hugely popular. It can also work well on an awning. Combine chic colours like chocolate and cream, on stripes or wallpaper patters for an awning design that is truly unique.

Ask an Upholsterer

Why not ask the advice of a professional? They can give ideas that will be fine tuned towards what you are looking for in an awning design.

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