What is a retractable terrace cover?

Posted on May 13, 2019 at 2:36 pm

To some this may sound like a silly questions, but at the end of the day, unless you’ve owned a retractable terrace cover, it’s difficult to know exactly what it is and how it performs, so we’ve added some details below!

Every house big or small has one or more terraces; these not only add beauty to the house but also provide an openness and airy environment to occupants. Terraces in normal weather conditions do not need any covers or shades, however, in extreme weather and especially where direct sunshine creates excessive temperatures, terraces are covered with the covers. Terraces cannot be covered permanently as in winters, any sign of sunshine is perhaps more desirable, whilst permanent covers obstruct essentially required sunlight; therefore, retractable terrace covers are recommended to be installed.

These covers are also known as retractable patio cover system or sometime in short form these are called patio covers. These covers are made in various fixed and moveable parts. The frame of these retractable covers is often fixed to wall at a reasonable height. A roll of flexible plastic, fabric or parachute material is then attached with this fixed wall frame which can be unrolled to retract and rolled back to its closed positioned.

When retracted the patio cover should cover entire desirable area and provide requisite shade in that area. Retractable terrace covers are generally made waterproof (not water resistant). These covers are
available in market in various qualities, designs, styles and sizes. The length and width of retractable terrace covers can be tailored according to actual dimensions of the terrace where this cover is intended to be installed. They will often cover the top of the terrace, however, front, left and right sides of the terrace can also be covered by dropping the vertical drop screens which can be useful for provision of total blockade of the sun rays, wind, rain, showers, pollen and the insects etc. whereas enclosing the terrace from all dimensions helps making it ready for heating in winters and air conditioning in the winters.

The retractable terrace covers are ideal if you’re looking for ways to enjoy life outside on the terrace, whether that’s reading a back with the sun beaming down, or simply a place where you wish to top up your tan. A patio cover provides comfort and convenience while sitting with family in the terrace. It really improves the weather conditions and converts a hot terrace into a more hospitable one, in perfectly convenient and pleasing condition. Retractable terrace covers are available in a wide range and variety. These can be either manually operated or remote control. Retractable terrace covers are usually fabricated after getting the right size of the terrace and these are customized to the users’ requirement. Their price depends upon their quality, size, type, design and the customer’s need. If you have severe weather conditions, a terrace cover can provide you relief from the harsh weather to a great extent. We hope this information was of great use to you. If you buy a retractable terrace cover, your won’t regret it.

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