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Awning Designs For The Car Porch

Posted on January 27, 2017 at 9:03 pm

When the garage is unavailable, the next best thing is the car porch. Any vehicle can be kept out of the weather and reasonably sheltered in a car porch with a suitable awning.

Car porch awnings are available in fixed and retractable designs, the choice of which will largely depend on the amount of space available and the type of vehicles that it will be covering. Fixed designs are great for spots that see a lot of regular traffic, they are also more sturdy and provide better weather cover overall. Retractable designs are useful for areas that only need an awning when the weather requires it. They also benefit from a more subtle design, allowing them to look less imposing than a larger fixed design.

When choosing an awning it can help to explain how it will be used to the retailer. They may be able to offer some advice and recommendations to help find an awning that fits.

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