Types of coverings for your Patio:

Posted on July 26, 2014 at 9:12 pm

In our last article we already told you a bit about the Markilux Syncra and Glass Verandas, so we are going to tell you more about the 5 other options:

  • Markilux Pergolas – Markilux is a high quality brand, this type of pergola offers a minimalistic aluminium support frame, with a high wind rating and a great visual appeal this fully retractable system is a great choice.
  • Vortex Umbrellas – these are more commonly seen in a commercial setting and is a great option for alfresco dining. This is a high tensile umbrella and is capable of taking up to gale for 8 winds! These types of umbrellas must be installed into the ground. But don’t worry, there are 3 options for bases: Ground base, decking mount and a mobile base.
  • Piazza – the Samson piazza is a fixed roof system from aluminium. It can be used all year round to offer protection over a patio, a driveway or even commercial sites. The Samson offers 3 polycarbonate roof tints: transparent, bronze tinted or opaque (like frosted glass).

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Looking for a simple extension to your home?

Posted on July 19, 2014 at 9:12 pm

Without actually extending your home or having a conservatory installed, you might feel a bit limited. But don’t be! Why not just have a patio done? Whether this is wood or stone, the decision is up to you and the design you are wanting to achieve. You have then got a multitude of options for covering it:

  • Glass Verandas – these are a stylish way to cover your patio. The benefit of having a glass roof system is that it allows you to get cover from wind and rain without putting you into further darkness! However, on a sunny day, if it all gets too much you can bring the built in awning down for some shade. (If you chose this option of course.) You can even purchase electronic weather sensors for motor driven awnings – so it all becomes automatic!
  • Markilux Syncra – this is a unique terrace cover – a stand-alone framework, it has two retractable awnings on both sides of the frame, to provide sun, wind and rain protection!

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