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How Awnings Have Been Used Through History

Posted on April 11, 2017 at 5:42 pm

Awnings have been used since early history, with records of them being used in ancient Egypt and Syria. They haven’t changed that much since then either, and today are used in much the same way as the market canopies of ancient times.

Historically awnings have been used as functional covers, with their main use being to provide a blanket against the sun and rain. They were also often improvised constructions, created from some poles and any large sheets of material that could be found. However their use has evolved over time, with company branding and logos being introduced to customers, awnings became more about displaying an attractive visual design than straightforward function.

As consumerism increased the average homeowner was able to buy their own awning or a house with an awning already installed. This has given people around the world, especially those in hot climates the chance to enjoy the cover of an awning at their leisure.

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