Tips to help you decide what colour awning to get

Posted on June 30, 2020 at 3:40 pm

A retractable awning is a great addition to your home or business for many reasons. But once you have decided to purchase one, you will need to pick which colour suits your needs best, so what do you need to consider when choosing the colour of your awning?

– Choose to suit the exterior of your home – a blue or green awning may complement a tan colour home but may clash with a brick house that has an orange tint instead a grey or black may look better. A yellow or red works well with a white home.

– Fading – you may want to consider colours that are less likely to fade when choosing your awning. Although all of our awnings are durable, strong and made of the best materials, prolonged exposure to the sun over several years will eventually cause fading. Blue, green, white and yellow awnings tend to resist fading faster than a red or orange awning.

– You may also want to factor in what colours are best at hiding staining or general marks. Black and dark greys are great at hiding staining or marks but a light-coloured awning such as white will highlight any stains.

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Why you need a retractable awning

Posted on May 30, 2020 at 4:03 pm

Purchasing a retractable awning is a bit of an investment some are costly but rightly so. Retractable awnings are becoming more and more popular and come in many different shapes and sizes. They are built strong and durable so although the initial investment may be a little steep to some, they are completely worth every penny.

If looked after properly they will last years and provide your garden with extra shade and make it more visually appealing.

Aside from the obvious reasons for purchasing a retractable awning, there are some other less commonly known reasons such as protection to your exterior wall/window and outdoor furnishings.

Many people purchase expensive garden furniture that can get sun damaged if not properly shaded. Whilst you can choose a cheaper alternative to a retractable awning it will not have a long life span and alternatives are known to break easily and suffer general wear and tear.

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Top 5 reasons why you need a pergola

Posted on April 30, 2020 at 9:11 am

If you are looking to enhance your garden experience or do you want to make your patio more visually pleasing, then maybe its time to add a pergola. A pergola is a simple structure that can transform your outdoor space.

We’ve compiled a list of top 5 reasons why you need a pergola.

1. They can add privacy – although a traditional pergola is an open structure you can easily add side panels or screens to give you more privacy.

2. Additional space for plants – you can hang plants from your pergola or add additional garden space.

3. Shade – A pergola can give you a much-needed shaded area where you can enjoy the summer day without worrying about sunburn.

4. They add value – according to experts having a beautifully landscaped garden can add as much as 20% value to your home.

5. They create a place to entertain – a pergola gives you an outdoor entertainment area that is attractive and versatile. Who doesn’t love an outdoor get together…

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Retractable Roofs for Businesses

Posted on April 6, 2020 at 2:21 pm

As a business, space is precious. It’s this space you’ll use to entice customers in, making sure they have a comfortable space to sit – and it helps you too, because the more space you have, the more customers you can seat at any one time. However, with space at a premium, it’s important you make the most of it, as an extension is a costly step to take and this isn’t a possibility for many business owners. Retractable roofs can be installed to give you more usable space outside, blending the indoors with the outdoors – and making the space that you have into a more pleasant environment as well.

Retractable roofs are systems that can be used to cover large areas of patio or terraced areas, providing shelter and coverage whilst people are sitting out of doors. It’s like a large awning or veranda covering, but because it’s retractable, it gives you more choice and flexibility in terms of when you decide to use it. You can have the area covered over to provide protection from the sun or, if it begins to rain (as it might well do with the ever-changing British weather!), your customers will also have protection from wet weather. It can also be beneficial if it’s windy outside, as the retractable roof will provide shelter and protection to make it more comfortable to sit outside. This is particularly useful if people are eating and drinking, and need to be protected from the weather.

What types of businesses install retractable roof systems?

Many types of business can benefit from retractable roof systems. These are some of them:

  • Bars. It’s important that people who run a bar can optimise their outdoor space, so that customers can make the most of sitting outdoors. This can mean that more customers can come and enjoy a drink, meaning more opportunities for you to make money from your bar business.
  • Restaurants. People love eating out of doors, especially on a warm sunny day. They’ll enjoy the experience even more with a retractable roofing system – they’ll be out of doors, but with protection from the sun, and from any other weather conditions as well.
  • Cafes. Café owners often install awnings and retractable roofs, giving them more flexibility over the way they use any outdoor space they might have. If you are lucky enough to have a courtyard or a garden, it’s great to be able to share this with your customers and make sure they have a great time – meaning they’ll be more likely to come back.
  • Hotel owners. If you run a busy hotel, guests will want to spend time out of doors when it’s good weather. With a retractable roof system, you can make sure they can be comfortable out of doors throughout more of the year, into the autumn, or in spring before the really hot summer weather comes along. If you make your outdoor space more desirable, you can also attract in customers who aren’t hotel guests.

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Wooden Gates Or Metal Gates?

Posted on January 17, 2020 at 11:09 pm

When you decide to secure your property, it is important to choose a gate that will suit the purpose. You need a durable gate that you will not have to replace frequently due to damage. Two of the best options are wooden gates and metal gates. How do you know which one to choose? Here are some tips.

How Much Security Do You Need?
The level of security matters because metal gates are more secure if you need to keep intruders away. A wooden gate is great but it is more vulnerable to break-ins. If you live in an insecure area, it is best to get a metal gate especially reinforces wrought iron. This will be difficult to break and will keep your property secure. Areas that do not have insecurity as much allow the property owners to install wooden gates.Durability Also Matters
Metal gates are more durable and can last years with proper maintenance. Wooden gates can be made durable but they will not be able to outlast some types of metal. If you do not need the gate for long, you can install wooden gates then replace them with metal gates later.

Both types provide privacy, but the location of the gate matters too. If you need a back gate for privacy in the backyard then the wooden gate is much more appropriate. If you have a long driveway, a metal gate is a fitting option as it can keep the intruders at bay while maintaining the privacy too.

Metal gates are more expensive because they are durable. All you need for metal gates is to apply a coat of paint when they get a bit old. This should keep the gate in great condition for years. Wooden gates, on the other hand, can get a coat of paint when they are old but this does ensure that they last for as long as the metal gates will. Wooden gates are more appropriate if you are planning on replacing the gates you already have shortly.

In addition to all these, you must also consider the risk of damage. If you live in an area that has frequent termite infestations, you may have to go for a metal gate. A wooden gate id vulnerable to ants and will need to be maintained using various treatments to keep the termites away. This ends up being more expensive. Other considerations are the weight of the gate and the aesthetic value. You can always ask an expert for advice on the best gate to choose.

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What is a retractable terrace cover?

Posted on May 13, 2019 at 2:36 pm

To some this may sound like a silly questions, but at the end of the day, unless you’ve owned a retractable terrace cover, it’s difficult to know exactly what it is and how it performs, so we’ve added some details below!

Every house big or small has one or more terraces; these not only add beauty to the house but also provide an openness and airy environment to occupants. Terraces in normal weather conditions do not need any covers or shades, however, in extreme weather and especially where direct sunshine creates excessive temperatures, terraces are covered with the covers. Terraces cannot be covered permanently as in winters, any sign of sunshine is perhaps more desirable, whilst permanent covers obstruct essentially required sunlight; therefore, retractable terrace covers are recommended to be installed.

These covers are also known as retractable patio cover system or sometime in short form these are called patio covers. These covers are made in various fixed and moveable parts. The frame of these retractable covers is often fixed to wall at a reasonable height. A roll of flexible plastic, fabric or parachute material is then attached with this fixed wall frame which can be unrolled to retract and rolled back to its closed positioned.

When retracted the patio cover should cover entire desirable area and provide requisite shade in that area. Retractable terrace covers are generally made waterproof (not water resistant). These covers are
available in market in various qualities, designs, styles and sizes. The length and width of retractable terrace covers can be tailored according to actual dimensions of the terrace where this cover is intended to be installed. They will often cover the top of the terrace, however, front, left and right sides of the terrace can also be covered by dropping the vertical drop screens which can be useful for provision of total blockade of the sun rays, wind, rain, showers, pollen and the insects etc. whereas enclosing the terrace from all dimensions helps making it ready for heating in winters and air conditioning in the winters.

The retractable terrace covers are ideal if you’re looking for ways to enjoy life outside on the terrace, whether that’s reading a back with the sun beaming down, or simply a place where you wish to top up your tan. A patio cover provides comfort and convenience while sitting with family in the terrace. It really improves the weather conditions and converts a hot terrace into a more hospitable one, in perfectly convenient and pleasing condition. Retractable terrace covers are available in a wide range and variety. These can be either manually operated or remote control. Retractable terrace covers are usually fabricated after getting the right size of the terrace and these are customized to the users’ requirement. Their price depends upon their quality, size, type, design and the customer’s need. If you have severe weather conditions, a terrace cover can provide you relief from the harsh weather to a great extent. We hope this information was of great use to you. If you buy a retractable terrace cover, your won’t regret it.

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Why is featheredge fencing so popular?

Posted on March 3, 2019 at 12:03 pm

Featheredge fencing, also referred to as close board fencing, is one of the trendiest options and you’ll see this style utilised to form boundaries the bulk of Britain’s homes. The reason why homeowners choose this type of fencing is because of it’s sturdy and long lasting nature. Many homeowners are sick and tired of the cheap fences that do not survive a few years, so you may now notice your neighbours upgrading to quality fencing options instead.


Unlike other types of fencing that only looks good when new then wears out in a few years, featheredge fencing is super durable and long lasting. The woods are thicker and treated to combat the varying weather conditions in Britain. The fence is the hardwearing type of wood that the rains and snows cannot affect at all cost. It is important you take caution on other fences, which appear like they have been treated yet they have not. What they have is waterproof painting on to appear like so. Such kind of woods will not withstand the outdoor weather conditions and will wear out as time goes by. A featheredge fence will serve you for longer as compared to these other types.

The fence is affordable

It is human nature to run towards the cheaper stuff. Sometimes we don’t bother much about quality but cost. But they say cheap is expensive, it is important to consider quality even before we think of price. In most cases, a company does featheredge fences. For that reason, many people think it’s expensive to install it. Well, that is not the case. When we match its durability and long lasting feature to the cost, this fence will definitely offer you value for your money. Why keep on construction and re-constructing your fence due to the wrong choice of timber? Featheredge fencing is affordable and of course the best decision you can ever make!

So why is featheredge fencing highly regarded in UK and Europe?

Well, we’ve spoken about some of the main reasons, but the construction itself is one of the main factors too. It has been proven over years, delivering a good solid structure that can stand the test of time. With featheredge fencing, you essentially have a slightly more contemporary look with a dome shaped top. With horizontal battens across the back for added support, they are rigid and built to last. Depending on the timber supplier you buy from, they are often cut on a diagonal to produce a tapered unit that can be overlapped to form a continuous screen.

So with strength, a nice appearance, character and durability, it’s no wonder why feather edge fencing has become so popular. We an only hope that more homeowners in the UK choose this style, because we then won’t have fences tumbling down as soon as the winter weather arrives! Do you have featheredge fencing in your garden yet, if not, what style have you gone for? We’d love to know and we can then cover the subject in a blog post in the near future.

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What are the benefits of up and over garage doors?

Posted on January 3, 2019 at 9:52 am

There are so many obvious benefits to up and over garage doors. Why else would they have been the main type of garage doors for homes in the UK for decades? Well here are just a few of the main advantages:

  • An anti-drop safety device.
  • No tracks running back into your garage.
  • Smooth rivet free panels.
  • A strong box section chassis. 
  • A durable powder coated finish.

Up and over garage doors are incredibly simple to operate and they’re also very low maintenance too, especially if you do not have them automated which is possible. Many people say these doors are rather outdated compared to roller garage doors, but they’re just different. They come with their own pros and cons. So for example, roller garage doors do not leave a great deal of space above, yet that’s not an issue with up and over garage doors. They allow you to store items like ladders to the top of the walls, still leaving a good amount of headroom for when you’re entering your garage. They are also very beautiful because they work as one single panel, so manufacturers can be more creative with their designs, not worrying about have multiple slats or panels.

In the UK, up and over doors are still one of the most common types and their popularity isn’t fading at all. If you want to buy a new garage door for your home, making it look more stylish and modern, up and over garage doors are fine options. That said, they also increase security too. Being incredibly difficult to break into, they’re usually constructed from steel or aluminium, so you get a good solid material to prevent people breaking in to your home. And because of the fact less maintenance is needed, you’ll like save considerable sums of money too. For example, with a roller or sectional garage door, you may need to pay out for servicing and minor repairs, especially if they’re automated. With a simple up and over door, you won’t have anything to do, other clean it from time to time. It’s simple, secure and strong, and that’s why it will continue to be a very popular kind of garage doo here in the UK.

Are there any drawbacks?

Well yes. If you have a short driveway, you may prefer a door that opens up rather than ‘up and over’ because then you can park the nose of your car right up to your garage door, which is not the case for this kind, as you have to have a good amount of space to operate it.

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