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Using Hinged Awning Windows

Posted on February 28, 2016 at 12:14 am

A great way to improve the style and function of a room is to use hinged awning windows. Also known as casement windows, awning windows are hinged at the top, allowing for the window frame to move inward or outward. (windows hinged at the bottom are known as hoppers)

They are primarily used singly or in pairs within a common frame, in which case they are hinged on the outside. The windows are opened with a crank, lever or a cam handle, which is placed approximately hand height for the average person. The handle also functions as a window lock, allowing the windows to be securely sealed. Often times, a crank, stay, or friction hinge is necessary when the window opens outward, to hold the window in position despite wind.

Function, style, and security are major strong points of awning windows. You certainly wouldn’t be making a bad choice if you wanted to add awning windows to an existing room.

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How to Choose the Best Commercial Awnings for Your Property

Posted on February 20, 2016 at 10:53 am

When it comes to installation of commercial awnings, everybody naturally wants the very best that their budget can provide. On the market, there is a myriad design options to choose from. One of the things that you can do to make your search for the best ones easier is consulting a pro. Your professional supplier can give you ideas as well as budgets that can fit your needs, tastes and preferences. You do not need to waste a lot of time researching the countless options that exist on the market.

If you find the right company to purchase from, they should be able to partner with you every step of the way until it is finally installed on your property. A good company will introduce you to the latest and long lasting options on the market so that you can get the best value for your money. They will also ask you the right questions regarding your property and what you would like to achieve in order to help you pick the right one and avoid any regrets later.

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