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Fixed Or Retractable Awnings, Which Is Best Choice?

Posted on February 23, 2017 at 10:28 pm

Awnings have been used for centuries, both to protect entrances and windows from the weather, as well as for their decorative appeal. However, a relatively modern invention are retractable versions of awnings. With both fixed and retractable awnings available, it poses the question, which is best?

Fixed awnings are permanently attached to the building. This allows it to provide constant shade and weather protection. If the building is in a location that sees a lot of sunshine, a permanent awning may be the ideal thing to keep the building consistently cool through these hot periods.

Another factor to consider is cost. Fixed awnings tend to be less expensive than retractable awnings, mainly because they’re less complicated structurally and don’t require additional opening and closing tools.

Retractable awnings, however, are often custom fitted for the building they are to going be attached to. This means that its much easier to find retractable versions of awnings that will fit a building.

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