Choosing a colour scheme for your garden this summer

Posted on March 30, 2018 at 6:57 am

When you’re planning on redecorating your garden, it’s important to think about colour schemes and the tones that will work well. You may choose to plant particular types of plants and flowers to create vibrant colour schemes, such as tulips and daisies, whilst these could then complement a nice warm brown fence and shed. If you have potted plants and hanging baskets, perhaps think carefully about the plants you want to grow and the colours of those plants, whilst furniture like chairs and table may need a lick of paint, so why not match the colours in your flowers? You can also choose earthy tones like greens, reds and browns, and these work very well with oak furniture and decking. Another area where there’s lots of room for colour is with the patio and pathway, these are often slabbed and there are many different styles to chose from in different finishes.

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