Why is featheredge fencing so popular?

Posted on March 3, 2019 at 12:03 pm

Featheredge fencing, also referred to as close board fencing, is one of the trendiest options and you’ll see this style utilised to form boundaries the bulk of Britain’s homes. The reason why homeowners choose this type of fencing is because of it’s sturdy and long lasting nature. Many homeowners are sick and tired of the cheap fences that do not survive a few years, so you may now notice your neighbours upgrading to quality fencing options instead.


Unlike other types of fencing that only looks good when new then wears out in a few years, featheredge fencing is super durable and long lasting. The woods are thicker and treated to combat the varying weather conditions in Britain. The fence is the hardwearing type of wood that the rains and snows cannot affect at all cost. It is important you take caution on other fences, which appear like they have been treated yet they have not. What they have is waterproof painting on to appear like so. Such kind of woods will not withstand the outdoor weather conditions and will wear out as time goes by. A featheredge fence will serve you for longer as compared to these other types.

The fence is affordable

It is human nature to run towards the cheaper stuff. Sometimes we don’t bother much about quality but cost. But they say cheap is expensive, it is important to consider quality even before we think of price. In most cases, a company does featheredge fences. For that reason, many people think it’s expensive to install it. Well, that is not the case. When we match its durability and long lasting feature to the cost, this fence will definitely offer you value for your money. Why keep on construction and re-constructing your fence due to the wrong choice of timber? Featheredge fencing is affordable and of course the best decision you can ever make!

So why is featheredge fencing highly regarded in UK and Europe?

Well, we’ve spoken about some of the main reasons, but the construction itself is one of the main factors too. It has been proven over years, delivering a good solid structure that can stand the test of time. With featheredge fencing, you essentially have a slightly more contemporary look with a dome shaped top. With horizontal battens across the back for added support, they are rigid and built to last. Depending on the timber supplier you buy from, they are often cut on a diagonal to produce a tapered unit that can be overlapped to form a continuous screen.

So with strength, a nice appearance, character and durability, it’s no wonder why feather edge fencing has become so popular. We an only hope that more homeowners in the UK choose this style, because we then won’t have fences tumbling down as soon as the winter weather arrives! Do you have featheredge fencing in your garden yet, if not, what style have you gone for? We’d love to know and we can then cover the subject in a blog post in the near future.

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